• No Bake Mango Cake...Try this no bake mango cake that is so easy to prepare, even kids can do this!

  • Broccoli Con Carne with Oyster Sauce...Go for a healthy meal today! High in vitamin C and dietary fiber, this broccoli recipe is best for you!

  • Apple and Banana Shake...Looking for a HEALTHY drink today? Don't think twice, try this refreshing, healthy shake that will satisfy your thirst!

Indulge in the irresistible sweet taste of this leche flan! Best for special occasions especially this coming Christmas season and New Year... [...]

Hello my blogger friends and visitors! Sorry if you don't see any recipe or anything that has to do with food in this special post ... [...]

Enjoy the crunchiness and savory taste minus the bitterness of this salad! Best served as a side dish to your main meal. Bitter... [...]

A healthy and tasty spaghetti that went well with tuna flakes minus the meat and excessive oil. What a better way to enjoy spa... [...]

Easy to prepare no-cook pastillas de leche in coffee flavor. If you love eating coffee candy,this is the best alternative for it! I o... [...]

Indulge yourself to this delicious mango gelatin! A dessert that is so easy to make! You and your kids will surely love it! Since there... [...]

Banana smoothie is a very common healthy drink we usually serve to our family. Make it more delicious by adding strawberry yogurt! You wi... [...]


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