Tuna and Tofu with Pineapple Chunks

TUFU is the combined name of tuna and tofu. Try this healthy and delicious mixed of tuna flakes and tofu that can be served as a main dish or double as a side dish or even just a plain snack.

Go meatless today! Rich in calcium and protein, this healthy dish is the ideal food for you.

What you need:

  3-4 pcs  tofu, fried, cut into cubes
  1 can      tuna hot and spicy, 155g
  1 can      pineapple chunks, small
  1/4 tsp   ground black pepper
  2 tbsp    cornstarch, dissolved in water
  1              garlic, chopped finely
  1              onion, chopped
  1              green onion leaves, sliced
  2              stems of celery, sliced
                  salt to taste


26 Responses so far.

  1. GbSb says:

    hi my friend, muzta?..gusto ko ito. I should try this one.

  2. jennyL says:

    wow this is my 1st time to know abut tuna and tofu combination. I love tofu so matry nga to one time.

  3. papaleng says:

    Easy as ABC.. kay misis ang tofu akin ang tuna..LOL

  4. Would you believe nay, I haven't had a taste of tofu! Hehehe! I hope I can taste one soon.

    And nay, please accept my apologies that I forgot to do your blog ha? But, I'm glad it looks fine now! :)

  5. imriz says:

    easy and healthy. panalo! i am a fan of tofu and easy dish recipes.

  6. This dish is great for vegetarians. So yummy!

  7. Alex says:

    One of my all time favorites!!! - Tofu. That's why when I eat at Chowking, I always include tofu as one of my side dishes.

  8. Claire says:

    That looks so delicious:) that's indeed a healthy eating right there:)

  9. OMG, ito talagang pagakain ayaw ko, iwan ko ba kung di ko talaga ma take...

  10. Wow, this recipe is really healthy. My husband loves tuna and tofu as he is into healthy diet due health concern.

  11. emzkie says:

    thats one yummy food! i havent had TUna for Centuries!! i cant eat tuna right now because i am feeding the cats! grr.. Tuna reminds me of their food and would give me butterfly in my tummy. hay...not fair at all.

  12. I like this recipe, friend. Super easy to do and the ingredients are easy to find, as well. Gagawin ko ito sa weekends.hihihi...

  13. I am not crazy about tufu but I miss those tuna in cans!

  14. I will try this if I can eat tuna. Bawal ang tuna for me now e. Sayang mukha pa namang masarap sis.

  15. papaleng says:

    Yummy one. solved kami rito ni bunso ko, tofu for him, tuna for me. LOL

  16. Ria C says:

    Wow, I love tofu and it didn't occur to me to mix it with a fruit or something. Must try this!

  17. Jennie says:

    I should have this bookmarked. My hubby is nuts over a good tofu dish. :)

  18. Swexie says:

    This is an even healthier alternative for tokwa't baboy. The pineapple chunks will surely add zest to the dish! =)

  19. Lainy says:

    Looks like a really healthy and delicious recipe. This one is a must try!

  20. Algene says:

    I'm not a big fan of tufu! Hehehe But thanks for sharing this recipe.

  21. I surely haven't had a taste of Tufu! :/ Too bad! But, it doesn't look that bad at all. Sana ma try ko minsan.

  22. cheerful says:

    sounds so yummy, thanks for sharing your recipe. will try it soon! :)

  23. gracia says:

    I am so glad I am full now or else I will bug my hubby to buy me a dish like this

  24. KC says:

    Tuna sounds so yummy!! But both my husband and I aren't big fan of tofu.. Is there any alternative I can use instead of tofu? =) Ang sarap kase, and we love tuna very much! =)

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