Steamed Shrimps and Broccoli with Oyster Sauce

Are you looking for a healthy seafood recipe? You will surely not resist this steamed shrimps and broccoli recipe of mine that I used to serve for my family! The addition of oyster sauce gives this dish a delicious punch! Try it!

Shrimp is one of my favorites and the best seafood I can serve to my family. The nutritious broccoli is what I usually add to my dishes to make our meals healthy. I usually don't fry shrimps, I steam them instead, to keep them moist and vibrant. Steaming also helps retain all the natural flavors and nutrients of the ingredients. I always prefer oyster sauce to my dishes, it fits and is best for seafoods. Here's how I prepare it:

Ingredients :

15-20 medium shrimps

300g broccoli,cut

2 tablebspoons olive oil

3 tablespoons oyster sauce

2 tablespoons soy sauce

1 teaspoon salt

1 medium sized onion,chopped

3 cloves garlic,minced

Preparations :

1. Mix shrimps and soy sauce in a bowl. Transfer them to a heatproof dish together with broccoli florets.

2. Cook in a steamer for 8-10 minutes or until shrimps turn to pink and the broccoli florets are tender.

3. Let the shrimps cool then peel them.

4. Saute onions and garlic with olive oil. Add the shrimps and broccoli.

5. Seasoned with oyster sauce and some salt depending on your taste.

6. Serve hot.

Note: My digicam is not yet available so I got the photo again in google search, I will upload my own photo as soon as my digicam is available, please bear with me, thanks.

25 Responses so far.

  1. GbSb says:

    Very Nutritious food.I should try this recipe. Nice post friend.

  2. beingwell says:

    Friend, sarap! I miss cooking shrimps!hahah!! Yummm!!

  3. Phoenix35 says:

    Sis ang sarap naman nito, sayang allergic naman sa shrimp mister ko :)

  4. anney says:

    Yummy na healthy pa! Gusto ko sa brocolli medyo crunchy. I'm sure yung oyster sauce e mas lalong magpasarap sa dish na ito!

  5. Thanks friends for the comments :)

  6. papaleng says:

    Yummy , pero ayoko ng hipon.

  7. @papaleng..idol try mo po to,baka makalimutan nyo po name nyo,lol!

  8. Aileen says:

    I love shrimps and broccoli. Putting them together in this recipe is simply, wonderfully yummy!

  9. kulasa says:

    hmmmm healthy and yummy! I am sure the hubby and my kiddos will love this dish! they are all fans of oyster sauce and seafoods...thank you for this idea I could use this weekend! :-)

  10. Oh you made me crave for some shrimp! That looks delicious!

  11. Ria C says:

    I love seafood, unfortunately, I cannot eat them with gusto and as regular as I want to due to health concerns... sigh.

  12. ems says:

    I love shrimp and broccoli. This recipe is what I'm looking for. Thanks for sharing this. I really appreciate it.

  13. Lainy says:

    I love seafood! But like Ria, I need to curtail myself with this kind of dishes because of my HBP. Just too bad for me! Every once in a while I get to indulge though.

  14. sounds interesting and even looks good, i am not a fan of oyster sauce however i don't mind it as long as the strong flavor won't take over the whole seasoning

  15. betchai says:

    love love love, love shrimp and broccoli, and the food look so yummy!

  16. It took me a while to write a comment because I wrote your recipe in my tickler. LOL in that way if I will go to grocery to buy some stuff I can include your recipe and will try to do it at home. My tickler is always in my bag though, so I am sure I will not forget it.

  17. emzkie says:

    i love seafoods! but my housemates are not fond of shrimps. especially my husband who is an adventist. =) but i sure would love to try this recipe.

  18. Dhemz says:

    I never tried this kind of dish before...usually, instead of shrimp I use beef.

  19. Algene says:

    Thanks for sharing the recipe! I will tell my mom to check this one out love shrimps :)

  20. I love shrimp and broccoli, so yummy.

  21. This is one delicious recipe sis. I would like to try cooking this one this coming weekend. :)

  22. papaleng says:

    wow! picture pa lang ulam na. Pa-try ko nga kay misis ito since mura lang naman ang shrimps. LOL

  23. Naku nay! Naglalaway ako. Picture palang, ulam na! Sarap! Luto ka po nito nay ha if mag meet tayo? :D hehehe

  24. gracia says:

    You can never go wrong with Shrimp and oyster sauce.. yummy I also love broccoli

  25. Claire says:

    This is exactly what I would always get everytime we are at the mall. But I'd like to make some for family. Thanks for sharing the recipe sis:)

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