No Bake Mango Cake

Not having an oven should not prevent you from making a cake. Try this no-bake mango cake you will surely love, that is fitting for all occassions. So easy to prepare, even your kids can do this!

Mango is one of my favorite foods and I'm sure you love it too. I thought of making a mango cake without baking since we don't have an oven yet at home.
I first tasted this cake from a friend who served it as a mid-afternoon snack for us and I asked her how she made it. I was surprised when she told me that all I need is a refrigerator, not an oven. I immediately listed down the ingredients and the procedures for preparations, so when I finally got home, I made one for my family. It was so easy! My kids loved it! They even told me that I should make one everyday,haha!
You can serve this as a dessert or a snack or even bring it for potluck occassions.

For the ingredients and procedures, click here.

Note : The photo I used here is not the actual photo of my finished product but is very much similar to it. My digicam is not available but I will soon upload it when I make one again. I got the photo in google search.

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  1. anney says:

    Simple lang ang mga ingredients pero ang sarap nito!

  2. GbSb says:

    Nakakatakam naman,Fav ko pa naman ang manga.Nice post friend.

  3. Macherie says:

    sis malabo na talaga mata ko.. kala ko mongo cake.. wahhh

  4. @Macherie..haha,sis napatawa mo ko ng husto,lol! Alisin mo na kasi yang shades mo,haha!

  5. sw0605 says:

    Wish we have fresh mangoes here that would be awesome I miss this food. well try to make some of these hopefully soon. thanks!

  6. KM says:

    I've been wanting to make this pero mangoes here in the States are expensive and I can't even find mangoes that are as sweet as the ones we have in Pinas :(

  7. Friend, alam mo ba diko pa din ito nagagawa...waaahh!!!

  8. No bake cakes are really trending these days. Thanks for this delicious recipe sis!

  9. Is this the one called Mango Float too, nay? :)

  10. Honney says:

    Uy sarap naman nito! Ma-try nga ito minsan. :)

  11. Verns says:

    Oh, God, I'm drooling, this remind me to make one for the week too :) Yummy!

  12. my delicious i shall make one too.

  13. Kumalam bigla ang sikmura ko hehehe. I miss making it.

  14. i love making this one a must lists when I go visit the pinoy store here in malaysia!! looking good and masarap!

  15. I'll try this soon. My children will definitely love this.

  16. Anna says:

    My kids love this, we call it Mango float here in the Philippines :)

  17. papaleng says:

    So easy to prepare. and the good thing, ang sarap nyan.

  18. Wow sarap naman nyan! Favorite ko yan!

  19. I love mango float. I always do that back home. Miss that.

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