Apple and Banana Shake

Looking for a HEALTHY drink today? Don't think twice, try this refreshing, healthy shake that will satisfy your thirst!

Turn your apple and banana into a shake, I'm sure you wont resist this! Added with your favorite flavor of ice cream, this shake will complete your day!

What you need :

1 whole banana (lakatan), sliced

1 whole small apple, sliced

1-2 scoops vanilla ice cream

1 tbsp syrup

Procedures :

1. Combine sliced apple, sliced banana, ice cream and syrup in a blender jar. Process until smooth and frothy.

2. Serve immediately.

27 Responses so far.

  1. anney says:

    Sarap! Pwede na din dessert!

  2. Thank you my friends for the comments,try it! :)

  3. GbSb says:

    One of my favorite friend ay shake. I should try this one. Add mo naman ako sa link mo friend ko.thanks

  4. Friend, bat mo ba ako ginugutom??hihihih...

  5. roviedear says:

    seems yummy! kaso apple is not my favorite frut so i wonder how will this taste like :)

    The Bargain Doll

  6. I'll definitely try this recipe. I love making shakes especially with this very hot weather.. thank you for this recipe. This looks very refreshing!

  7. Looks yummy sis. Christmas na dito sa blog mo ah. Beautiful.

  8. Ria C says:

    Healthy option for fizzes :) I'll call this Banapple Smoothie :)

  9. That looks so tasty, I would like to have some.

  10. ang sarap nito. wanna make one but its cold here.

  11. Lainy says:

    I haven't tried out apple and banana combined for a perfect thirst- quenching experience. I'd love to try one :-)

  12. Cher says:

    would like to try this at home. my family loves making smoothies. it will surely be a hit.

  13. i love shakes especially when it's hot, like here in our place it's always hot so we need those kind of cooling drinks to keep the thirst away .

  14. hmmm. di ko pa yan na try ah...para bang masarap, later on ko nlng i try kasi parang shake dito manginginig na ako sa lamig

  15. Jennie says:

    Another reason why we have to add fruits in our daily diet. My son would love to have apple and banana shake with his favorite vanilla ice cream. :)

  16. papaleng says:

    nagbabalik upang alamin kung may tira pa. Ubos na then one thing is sure, patok ang recipe mo mtr.

  17. Josie says:

    I haven't tried banana shake, only banana split ice cream.. :) would love to try this recipe..

  18. Mukhang masarap namnamin ito ah! :)

  19. emzkie says:

    wow yummy! i cant wait to make one

  20. Cheerful says:

    that looks so refreshing, my kids will love this. thanks for sharing your recipe! :)

  21. gracia says:

    anything that involves banana will surely be good, gosh...that is so captivating

  22. Algene says:

    Haven't tried this shake yet. Hmmmm.. Looks so delish!

  23. This is best especially when its too hot and muggy. Uhmmm I will try this promise!

  24. will try this one...healthy and really looks yummy!

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