How To Become An Effective Cook

For newbie cooks or frustrated cooks like me, I would like to share some tips I learned, to become an effective cook.

Cooking is not actually my expertise. It has been my frustration for years on how to cook meals that I could say would satisfy the taste of my family. I wanted to cook adobo, a Filipino dish having sweet and sour taste, but I cannot perfect the sweet and sour taste of it. But when it comes to sweets, I hear no complaints from my loved ones. They say my desserts are so irresistible that they could eat a whole slice of it at once!

Going back to meals, I believe if you really want something, you can learn and practice it to perfection. Since I wanted to become an effective cook to my family, I somehow learned some few steps in which I could say a milestone to what I wanted to achieve when it comes to cooking. So, for those beginners or I should say frustrated cook like me, here are some of my tips that can be useful to you that has made me an effective cook:

1.  Learn from the experts
When I say experts, this would mean they cook meal that satisfies the taste of the taster. You can start from your clan. My mother is really good in cooking. I must say she has the perfect adobo I've ever tasted. I watch her step by step and learn some tips in cooking. I learned that cooking has no definite measurements of all the ingredients needed, it will really depend on the amount of every ingredient that would satisfy the cook and the ones who will eat it. Now I know why I cannot perfect my adobo, I can't determine if it's already good if I don't combine it with rice!

You can also watch cooking meals on television. There are many channels who have programs in cooking which shows step by step cooking of a meal. Internet is also an alternative.

2.  Learn from the book
There are lots of recipe books and magazines to choose from. I learned many tips and know-how, not only on how to cook meals but also the nutrients and benefits we get from the food we serve. You will have ideas on nutritious and tasty meals you can serve for your family. You will also have the knowledge of the low and high calories of the food you are going to cook, perfect for those who are on a diet.

3.  Practice makes it perfect
Take actions! You should always try to cook. There is nothing wrong with trial and error. In this way, you will be able to familiarize the steps on what to do and how to cook a meal. Practice and practice until you succeed!

I know these tips are already familiar to you but I just want to emphasize one thing- DON'T JUST READ IT, DO IT, TAKE ACTIONS!

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  1. Arnold says:

    This is helpful, especially to newbie cooks!

  2. THese are useful tips. I used to hate cooking especially when I was still single but when I got married, I have learned how. INternet and TV is always my source.

  3. I usually get my recipe from the can or box itself because most likely, they are easy and simple to make....and less ingredients too. I know, I am so lazy.

  4. I feel like this article was written for me. I want to cook but cooking does not seem to like me. I can fully relate with you, because I love making desserts, too, and my family seems to love the desserts I prepare for them. But they don't eat the viands that I cook. I really need to practice. I have to ask my mom to teach me how to cook.

  5. papaleng says:

    You forgot one thing sis. Be sure to have a husband na maganang kumain, just like me.

  6. It's true that practice will help a lot. Mistakes are there but learning from them are the sweetest.

  7. These are wonderful tips :-) Thank you for sharing. I like the number three tips, practice makes perfect. I suck in cooking big time but with practice I am getting better. I am glad that my family is not picky of the food I cook.

  8. Marie says:

    Thanks for these tips nay! Will surely apply them, especially now that I am on by myself! :)

  9. Algene says:

    I believe that practice is really important. No one gets anything perfect the first time he or she does it kaya nga I always make sure to practice until I get better. I used to hate cooking but now I'm learning :)

  10. practise makes perfect indeed. I believe that each of us has our very own technique from cooking to baking. though i agree that what you've written above does helps alot!

  11. betchai says:

    oh I love cooking, since I was in high school, I always am excited to make something and volunteers to cook. I used to read a lot of cooking books when I was younger and observed my mom ( learning from the experts), but eventually, I gained so much confidence that I just cook simply from taste and from scratch.

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