How to Make Ice Cream

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Everybody wants ice cream especially on a hot summer day. No need to buy ice cream on stores, you can actually make one at home and it's fun and easy! What's more, you can choose whatever flavor you want. How to do it? Read on.

Making homemade ice cream is fun and easy, even kids could actually do it! But there are three different methods in making ice cream, it's up to you what method you want to use.


This is the oldest method of making ice cream, using just your refrigerator freezer. Simply follow the recipe you have and adjust the ingredients to your own taste. This is one good thing about making your own ice cream, you get to follow the amount of sweetness and flavor you desire. When you are done with the mixture of ingredients, you can now put it in the freezer. Putting the mixture in a shallow bowl or container is the best way to freeze your ice cream as it allows the mixture to freeze quickly and seal it tightly.


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  1. artez069 says:

    i love ice cream ! cant wait to try it!!!

  2. You should try it! Thanks for the comment!

  3. Friend, mananaba ako syo! Ang bilis ko pa nman lumaki with sweets! Wahhh!!

  4. papaleng says:

    mtr, alam mo ba na datyi kaming my Ice Cream Factory. Expert ako s apaggawa nyan.

  5. My lolo knows how to make an ice cream kasi dati din syang ice cream maker. Kaya binigay nya sa amin yung secret niya. ^_^

  6. I only see them on cooking shows hehehe. Never tried to make it myself.

  7. I've seen machines to make ice cream. I can try that some time.

  8. papaleng says:

    mtr, have you tried Atis-flavored ice cream, try mo, ang sarap.

  9. Ria C says:

    My daughter and hubby love ice cream so much! My daughter has been bugging me to get her an ice cream maker so she can make sorbet at home. I might just give in to her whims :)

  10. My kids love to have ice cream for the dessert :-) that looks delish too :-)

  11. that looks so good, i want to try that someday can't do it now for it's way too cold in here for an ice cream

  12. Rcel says:

    I love ice cream but I don't make them. There is an ice cream maker that was on sale last Cyber Monday but I wasn't interested to get it because I don't want to make them. LOL.

  13. Jennie says:

    I want to do this! I want doing things from scratch! Definitely will give this one a try. :)

  14. We used to have icecream from scratch, but as we grew and got busy, it's always icecream from the stores...

  15. Never make an ice cream yet. I prefer to buy and try new flavour.hehhe

  16. cheerful says:

    thanks for sharing, its always easy to buy from store, hehehe, but hope i can try making our own ice cream someday. :)

  17. I like making my own ice cream because I can control the sugar content. =)

  18. emzkie says:

    thanks for sharing this one! i would love to make an ice cream but i am a very lazy person, so i would just prefer to buy ice cream in the grocery. hehe

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