French Fries with White Chocolate and Raisins Dip

Want some new dippings for your french fries? Try this white chocolate and raisins dip, a perfect match for your french fries!

French fries seem incomplete without dippings. Instead of the usual catchup as dippings, this white chocolate and raisins dip will make your french fries more enjoyable to eat.

What you need:

  1 bag frozen french fries

  vegetable oil

  salt to taste

  150grams white chocolate, chopped

  1/2 cup fresh milk



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  1. viji says:

    Wow your recipe looks delicious. If possible I would try these in home.

  2. You should try it viji! A new twist to your fries! Thanks for dropping by friend! :)

  3. KINGRPG says:

    It must be very tasty, I would like to confirm.

  4. Love this! And hey congrats! Your blog is fast picking up :-)

  5. Thaanks sis Brewed and Kingrpg! :)

  6. Macherie says:

    wow, interesting dish. Pero te, lolobo naman tayo niyan ng bengga bengga.. chocolate na french fries pa! wahh

  7. I never try this yet.Am not sure if I like it in my french fries .hhehhe

  8. What a great twist for a dip! Might want to try this one day.

  9. This is new. I eat fries with mayonnaise and ketchup or if I have the luxury of time, I'll make a garlic mayo.
    I like to try this minus the raisins hehehe.

  10. Ria C says:

    Oh my word :) And I thought my princess is one odd girl for dipping her fried on choco syrup. Many times she has asked me to try it and I can't bear myself to even take a bite. And seeing your post with the white choco dip makes me wonder, perhaps it does taste good after all.

    Now, if I can only bear myself to take a bite :) LOL!

  11. gracia says:

    wow, it looks like I'll pass on this one, lol...I like ketchup or ranch :D

  12. Wow, this white chocolate raisin dip is kinda new to me. I am used to having ketchup pr mayonnaise with my french fries.

  13. papaleng says:

    Wow! eto bago. meron ba nyan sa Jollibee? LOL

  14. Claire says:

    Hmmm, that's the first time I heard about that new twist but I think it will compliment the salty taste of french fries. I like dipping french fries on ice cream so It think dipping it with white chocolate would be an interesting thing to try.

  15. Dhemz says:

    hehhee...this is really weird...I would like to try it though.

  16. haven't tried that dip but would love to do so. thank you for this tips, i might share it with my son and hubby during snack

  17. cheerful says:

    wow,this is something new to try. aside from the usual tomato sauce or mayonnaise, i also love french fries dip in sundaes...hehehe! :)

  18. Algene says:

    Wow! Kakaibang dip ha! I haven't tried a chocolate with raisins dip pa..

  19. this is something new, kids would surely love trying this at home.

  20. The Raisins Dip made me curious! :) I wanna try! ♥

  21. fullmoon says:

    I hope to try this. Looks yummy!

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