The Must-Haves In The Kitchen

Cooking doesn't really require such modern equipments or utensils. In fact, it can be just simple. When you cut down your kitchen to its simplest essentials, these are the things you must have.

I know most of us would want a kitchen that is outfitted with complete and modern appliances and utensils. But the truth is, cooking doesn't really require such modern equipments or utensils. In fact, it can be just simple.

When you cut down your kitchen to its simplest essentials, these are the things you must have:


Knives are very essential as it is your cutting tool for meat and vegetables. There are actually only four knives that you would want to keep. One is the chef's knife for all-around chopping and cutting. The second is a cleaver knife for hard vegetables and meat. The third one is a serrated knife for food that a chef's knife cannot neatly slice like bread as well as tomatoes and angel food cakes.  And the last is the paring knife for more detailed tasks.


You can actually have all the types of pots and pans but you can practically cook everything you need with just four pots and pans: an all-around stockpot for pasta and big batches of soup, a medium-sized frying pan for frying, searing and browning foods, a saute pan with high sides and a saucepan for stewing and boiling.


If you don't have a space or budget for a full-sized oven then a toaster oven is the best alternative for it! You can use it for baking, broiling, reheating, and toasting. Its small footprints means saving both space and electricity.

If you have the space and the budget, you can keep having new cookwares and equipments and that's great! But if you don't, it's still fine too. Other kitchen cookwares are not necessarily essential in our kitchen, they are just nice to have. Anyway, we already got the best tool around and that is our own two hands!

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  1. betchai says:

    though we have full sized oven, but i actually bake more in the toaster oven, it saves us gas and i do not have to heat up a big oven for such a small dish or pan. and yes, we only have 4 pots and pans, :) haha!! In fact, i use mostly just 2.

  2. What a quaint and neat looking kitchen. Just like Betchai, I do like toaster oven AS WELL.

  3. Aileen A says:

    Pangarap ko magkaroon ng kitchen showcase hehehe...Seriously...baka dun matuto na ko magluto lol!

  4. Cherry says:

    i agree, oven is a must-have. it is so much fun to bake.

  5. yes, the kitchen is one of the very important part of our house. and in the kitchen, what i love the most is the oven because i'm learning to bake:)

  6. papaleng says:

    Sure, dream namin ni misis to have an oven , she is fond of making pastries kasi.

  7. jennyL says:

    we have an oven pero d nagagamit eh sayang kinalwang lang.. now bumili ako ng turbo broiler d ko rin nagagamit argghh.. lol.. anyway.. ako I invest on durable pots and pans kahit medyo mahal kasi I'll be using it naman everyday so sulit na rin

  8. Algene says:

    There are many must-haves in every kitchen talaga, ate. A kitchen will never be called a kitchen without the much needed items! I guess the oven is listed as the number 1 needed item :)

  9. raine says:

    a well equipped kitchen looks ideal and cool but I agree that we only need the basic to cook up a good meal :-)

  10. I can live without a full-sized oven, but not without a toaster. And a coffeemaker, too. :D

  11. a one must have for us is the oven As I started clean eating since july one Most of my foods are baked now rather than fried which I think oven toaster can't handle though. also my husbands food are more baked as well like pies.

  12. papaleng says:

    Bago na dream ni misis, gusto nya ang Kitchen fully-loaded. Whah, with gas range rotisserie, at aircon. LOL

  13. A kitchen would just really need the basics and a lot of love from people who use it and surely a lot of good food can be produced.

  14. Check. Check. Check. Yeah, I got them all. I'm a bit meticulous when it comes to my kitchen. :)

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