No Bake Chocolate Cake with Sliced Mango

Indulge yourself to this tempting chocolate cake, with sliced mango, to add to its sweet and creamy taste.

My kids and their cousins are so fond of chocolate cakes! Whenever there's an occasion, they would always suggest chocolate as their preferred flavor. Good thing I can also make a chocolate cake for them, even without baking. I also included mango as one of its ingredients and they really loved it! Perfect combination,chocolate and mango! Try making this for your kids!

Ingredients :

2 packs of chocolate graham crackers

2 cans of kremdensada

1/2 can of sweetened condensed milk 

1 whole mango, sliced

Preparations :

1. Mix kremdensada and the sweetened condensed milk in a bowl then put in the chiller of your refrigerator overnight.

2. In your rectangular pan, put the graham crackers and then spread the mixed kremdensada and sweetened condensed milk on top of it. Put some slice mango then repeat it until you make 3-4 layers.

3. Put inside your refrigerator for about 3 hours or more then serve.

11 Responses so far.

  1. Aileen A says:

    Chocolate and mango! Really a great combo. So easy to prepare pa.

  2. Arnold says:

    What a very great recipe! Will try this one out!

  3. betchai says:

    ahhhh, so yummy looking, and your presentation is so awesome that no one could probably say no :)

  4. It looks very appetizing, I can have me some right now.

  5. Looks so tasty.Being a chocoholic that works with me.I would try to make one these days if I have time.Thanks for sharing.

  6. papaleng says:

    Yummy treat to me.. Choco and mango in one. sis prepare ka one when we visit your place.

  7. Is this mango float? This is one of my favorite dessert back home.

  8. This is one of my favorite desserts. I always do this when I'm there in the Philippines. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  9. OMG! This looks heavenly and so tasty. I love mangoes too and thank you for the recipe. I will keep this is mind :-)

  10. Marie says:

    Would love to have this nay!! When we visit po ah? hehehe.

  11. Rcel says:

    Yay! Grabe naman ito, so tempting! Chocolate cake is my favorite! Plus with that super yummy mangoes? Guess this will make me fall into diet temptation na talaga! Lol.

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