Tuna Spaghetti

      A healthy and tasty spaghetti that went well with tuna flakes minus the meat and excessive oil.

    What a better way to enjoy spaghetti than to cook it with tuna flakes, the best and healthy alternative for meat. For those who don't want meat, you will surely love this!

    I never thought I will like this recipe as I always have this belief that spaghetti only goes well with meat, but I am wrong. I originally got this recipe from my brother and I assure you, it's better than any meat spaghetti you are always having. It's more economical and healthier, so try it and enjoy!

       1     spaghetti (1kg)
       2     tuna flakes in oil (in can,big,not the flat one)
       3     Italian spaghetti sauce (250g)
       1/4  cup olive oil
       1     big onion,chopped
       4     cloves of garlic,minced
       1/2  teaspoon pepper
       1     cup grated  Parmesan cheese
       1     teaspoon salt
       1/4  cup oregano dried leaves
       1/4  cup red wine (optional)

                      How to cook :

      1.   Boil water with 1 tsp salt. Add spaghetti.
      2.   Boil uncovered while stirring. Drain well.
      3.   Drain the tuna flakes from oil.
      4.   Saute garlic and onion with olive oil.
      5.   Put the tuna flakes.
      6.   Mix the grated cheese until it melts. See to it that the tuna flakes is visible, do not pulverized.
      7.   Put oregano,salt and pepper.
      8.   Put the spaghetti sauce.
      9.   Mix with red wine. (optional)
      10. Put the spaghetti.
      11. Garnish with  Parmesan cheese.
      12. Serve.

20 Responses so far.

  1. Aileen says:

    Yum! Healthy pa kasi tuna...love it sis! Would be nice kung may chopped celery stalk din, to add crunch and more flavor.

  2. love it! simple but delicious!

  3. I tried making tuna spaghetti one time and hubby loves, I might make it again, thanks for reminding me.

  4. Ria C says:

    Hala, I love pasta and I love tuna! You've just given me an idea to change my spaghetti sauce from using ground meat to a healthier option. Thanks for sharing!

  5. roviedear says:

    hmmm i like this :) too bad i dont know how to cook :p

    The Bargain Doll

  6. Wow nay! I am so refreshed with the new look of your blog. So pretty! ^_^

    And this recipe... will definitely try this on Christmas, my birthday and new year.

    Hindi mo naitatanong nay, mahilig ako sa spaghetti. ♥

  7. papaleng says:

    A lot healthier than the traditional spaghetti. Why, kasi gawa mo mtr. Pakainin mo ako nyan if ever magkita tayo.

  8. rojan88 says:

    fave ko din lutuin to. sarap :-)

  9. gracia says:

    I can almost smell the tomatoes from here ;)

  10. ems says:

    This a healthy alternative for the traditional spaghetti that we usually have. I'll cook this recipe for Notche Buena. Thanks!

  11. delicious food and healthy at the same time, in fact this is the similar dinner we have tonight too

  12. Perfect for Christmas eve, I will try your recipe sa pasko, thansk for sharing.

  13. Dhemz says:

    this is really a healthy meal...nice presentation!

  14. Algene says:

    Thanks for sharing the recipe! Healthy meal nga sabi ni Dhemz! Haven't tried tuna spaghetti pa :)

  15. never try tuna spaghetti yet. This looks yum..

  16. luvnat says:

    thanks for sharing this recipe..will try to cook this :D

  17. Cheerful says:

    that looks so yummy...thanks for sharing your recipe, will try it soon! :)

  18. Lainy says:

    Looks so yum! I've made this one twice this year and I plan of having another one like this next week. Yay! :-)

  19. Oh I like this one looks yummylicious...Can I have some?

  20. emzkie says:

    wow!! this spaghetti is making me sooo hungry! i didnt know that tuna would be great on spaghetti. i will try this one. thanks for sharing the recipe!

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