Iced Coffee with Nata de Coco and Kaong



Tired of the usual flavor in your coffee? Give your coffee a new twist! If you like your coffee hot, you'll surely love it cold too! Try this new cold coffee flavor that will satisfy your thirst. Having the delicious taste of your coffee plus the sweet blend of nata de coco and kaong, this new coffee flavor will make your coffee time a satisfying coffee break!

For those who are not familiar with nata de coco, it is the coconut gel preserve that we generally include when we make salads, like fruit salad. This is made out of coconut but is in heavy syrup. It is a chewy, translucent jelly-like food that is most commonly sweetened as candy or dessert. Nata de coco is highly regarded for its dietary high fibre and its low fat and cholesterol content. You can find this in the market sold in bottles in heavy syrup. In this recipe,we will just use the coconut gel itself, not the syrup.

Nata de Coco

Kaong is the sweet sugar palm that we also include in making fruit salad. It has a variety of colors when sold in the market but what we are going to use is the white kaong. Like nata de coco, we will just use the kaong itself, not the the syrup.


For preparations and complete ingredients, click here.

Enjoy your coffee!

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  1. Phoenix35 says:

    Wow, ang sarap naman niyan sis. We used to add kaong for fruit salads too, nung alive pa mom ko. Ay, naku try ko to ha? Thanks upz!

  2. @artez069..thanks for the comment dear :)

    @phoenix35..salamat sis! Try mo sis,magustuhan mo yan :) Don't put sugar yet,lasahan mo muna sis kasi baka matamis na pala sayo yun recipe agad.

  3. Macherie says:

    tamang tama.. yum yum!

  4. bujju says:

    Sounds great . Let me try.

  5. papaleng says:

    semsya na po. bawal po ang kape sa akin, bababawasan ang pagka-playboy ko.. LOL

  6. Thanks my dear friends for all the comments!

    @idol..madadagdagan nga po pagkaplayboy mo nyan idol kasi lagi ka pong gising,lol!

  7. anney says:

    I love both nata and kaong kaya I'm sure na magugustuhan ko ito. Yung sister ko e hate ang kaong. Ewan kung bakit! hehehe!

  8. revivor says:

    now this sounds interesting - especially from a cold UK!!

  9. Friend, are you trying to make me fat?! :P

  10. I love Iced coffee! Haven't tried it with nata de coco though, sige ma try nga! thanks! ;)

  11. This looks like a nice combination though I haven't tried it yet. Nata de Coco and Kaong can sure beat some of the pearls used in Iced coffee.

  12. Yum yum nay! :)

    (Tunog Kusina Master lang.. hehehehe)

  13. papaleng says:

    revisiting kasi I really like kaong and nata de coco. Less syempre the coffee. Kay misis na lang yun.

  14. I suddenly missed those two sweets! this is interesting - parang pearls sa milk tea :)

  15. kulasa says:

    hmmmm looks and sounds yummy! I could almost feel the nata de coco on my lips and the kaong betwen my teeth and savoring their sweetness with the coffee! :)

  16. Yannie says:

    Sounds interesting. How about adding sago? I think it will work too... Can't wait to try this.

  17. That's a great idea, matry nga din heheh.

  18. Sounds interesting but am not a coffee girl.

  19. Rcel says:

    Ohhh.... that is beverage/dessert combo at its best! Sounds good!

  20. Pinx says:

    oh wow! that's something! i actually don't like cold coffee so i might not like it. i prefer the hot ones. but this would be good to try.

  21. I need to get myself to the asian store so I can make this, i need some of the ingredients.

  22. betchai says:

    wow, so happy, why? because i have these ingredients right now, here at home, and I will be making one, weeeee! I will just use decaf since it is night time already, can't wait, and so excited to try! Thanks for sharing.

  23. Lainy says:

    I love cold drinks especially in hot seasons. I have yet to try out homemade Iced coffee though. From the looks of it, it's a real thirst quencher!

  24. Di ko pa ntry yan, pero magawa nga mukang masarap eh.

  25. Natry ko na rin yung gelatine with coffee but this one is also interesting :) Thanks for sharing- yummy!

  26. papaleng says:

    wow! suki na ako rito. Sis, talagang tinatakam mo ako. Really nice one to have on a cold morning.

  27. jennyL says:

    wow this is something different.. sayang d ko matary kasi d na ko inom ng coffeee.. nata na lang kainin ko hehe

  28. Ron says:

    nice. new great idea for my rest day!

    thanks for sharing po! matry nga eto. :)

  29. Marie says:

    Looks really good nay and easy to do! :)

  30. Cheerful says:

    really great idea instead of pearl...i think this will work fine with tea also! :) thanks for sharing. :)

  31. I'm a certified coofee-holic so I'll definitely try this recipe soon! :) Easy pa!

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