Refreshing Guava Smoothie

Turn your guavas into a smoothie! This is something you will crave for, a new flavor to your smoothie and a new twist to enjoy guavas!

One advantage for having guava trees is you will never run out of guavas on the table. Our trees bear sweet guavas and it's a miracle that there's no month that they won't bear lots of guavas! I wanted my kids to take advantage of eating this fruit, since we can only get some from the tree and not buy one in the market. But I am having a hard time insisting my kids to eat this fruit. Well, they are just like that, not fond of eating fruits, especially my son. He doesn't even have a favorite fruit! So the best solution for this, turning the fruits into a smoothie! And since what's on our table are guavas, I made a guava smoothie for them. And I'm so glad they loved it! Try one today! A refreshing and healthy drink for your family!

What you need :

2-3 cups guava flesh

1/2 teaspoon honey

ice cubes

Preparations :

1.  Remove all the seeds from guavas. Scoop out the flesh of guavas using a spoon. This should be the outcome :

2.  Blend it with honey and ice until smooth.

3.  Serve immediately.

Note :  If you don't have honey, you can substitute it with sugar. Use 2 teaspoons of sugar.
           You can always combine some more fruits like mango, banana, pineapple or strawberries to your guava smoothie, if you desire.

19 Responses so far.

  1. Aileen A says:

    Nice sis for putting honey instead of retained the health benefits by not spoiling it with synthetic sugars. :-) I'm not really a guava fan but in a smoothie, I think I'll love it. :-)

  2. Mhie Lee says:

    I love anything in guava. How I wish I can get a fresh one in my area.

  3. Yannie says:

    Guava is one of my favorite especially the small one with red flesh.

    The smoothie you made looks good, I haven't tried it but I bet it delicious.

  4. My family really loves smoothies of any flavor. Guava is something we have yet to try.

  5. That's a good idea. I never thought guava would be good for a smoothie. I should try it sometime.

  6. I miss guava, that smoothie looks tasty!

  7. That sounds good, i have never tried guava and never eaten one for a very long time now. i missed when i just have to picked them off our yard and enjoy the sweet and glorious fruit.

  8. betchai says:

    i love guava smoothie :) actually, i love any fruit and vegetable smoothie :)

  9. I will try doing this later, I just bought from the market a kilo of white guavas. thanks for this post :)

  10. papaleng says:

    Why remove the seeds, yun nga ang pinakamasarap sa bayabas. But this one is worth trying for.

  11. Lainy says:

    Guava is the richest source of Vitamin C. I haven't tried this out. Just the perfect thirst-quencher! This is just gonna be perfect to enjoy the smoothie at the same time boost out immune system.

  12. Rcel says:

    Ayayay! I am drooling! I miss guava so much now! Such is not available here, except the the kind that's from India. And no, it isn't good. I want one that'so Pinoy! :D

  13. Jean says:

    I love guava. I will surely try this at home. My daughter will love this! Thanks for sharing

  14. Yummy sis. Hubby will love this as he loves guavas so much.

  15. Marie says:

    Wow! Guava smoothie sounds wonderful!

  16. cheerful says:

    sounds really refreshing...and I love guava. even remember climbing guava tree when I was younger, hehehe!

  17. I tried this one before but the seeds are still in the drink so I wasn't able to enjoy it... I think your version is better... :)

  18. Wow, Guava smoothie is something new for me. I know guava is also good for the skin. It will give smoothness of the skin and can minimize the pimples.

  19. So refreshing drink sis. I like using honey on my fruit juices/shakes too. Thanks for sharing the easy recipe. ^_^

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